Established in 2021 at Kansas City International Airport, our company has been leading the way in the development of the B777-200ER P2F (Passenger to Freighter) conversion and is currently in the process of becoming an OEM Boeing Licensee. The Foxtrot team comprises highly skilled professionals specializing in Boeing P2F conversions and cargo airline operations, boasting decades of successful experience. Our initial prototype, known as STC1, is a Class “E” Freighter modification that does not include a main cargo door. We have recently commenced the enhancement of STC1 into an advanced and innovative model, STC2, referred to as the B777-200ER(FCF) – Foxtrot Converted Freighter. This model has been meticulously designed for optimal efficiency, aiming for a payload capacity of 75 tons and a volumetric capacity of 23,000 cubic feet. This matches the volumetric capabilities of factory-built freighters, despite featuring a standard main cargo door located in the forward section of the aircraft. Our groundbreaking design offers a cost-effective solution by delivering an exceptional weight-to-volume ratio, making it the ideal choice for transporting a wide range of air freight commodities.


ALTA 777 LLC, a Salt Lake City UT aircraft trading firm has recently entered a groundbreaking cargo conversion partnership with Foxtrot Aero, LLC. This collaboration marks ALTA as the pioneering client for the B777-200ER Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) conversion program. The agreement entails the transformation of eight B777-200ER aircraft, with an option for additional conversions from ALTA’s fleet. Foxtrot Aero is also excited to announce a new strategic partnership that will significantly enhance our MRO capabilities. Our inaugural aircraft conversion project will continue at the Kansas City International Maintenance Facility. However, we will be expanding our operations to include additional aircraft inductions at a state-of-the-art, high-capacity MRO facility specifically designed for B777 aircraft. This expansion represents a major milestone in our commitment to providing top-tier MRO services and underscores our ongoing efforts to establish Foxtrot Aero as a reliable conversion provider. Further details about this partnership and our expanded capabilities will be unveiled as the project progresses.